What is AI used for in marketing? Expert interviews.

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Expert interviews: What is AI used for in marketing?

We asked industry experts to delve into the dynamic role AI plays in modern marketing practices. From personalized customer experiences to predictive analytics, join us as we explore the diverse applications of AI and its profound impact on the marketing realm.

“:AI is revolutionizing marketing practices by offering new opportunities for efficiency, personalization, and customer engagement. Through data analysis and segmentation, AI enables marketers to uncover valuable insights, identify audience segments, and deliver targeted campaigns. Personalization is further enhanced as AI analyzes customer preferences and behavior to offer tailored content and recommendations. Chatbots and virtual assistants powered by AI provide real-time support and exceptional user experiences. Predictive analytics helps marketers anticipate trends, forecast demand, and optimize pricing and inventory management. AI also plays a crucial role in content creation, ad targeting, and optimization, ensuring relevant and engaging experiences for customers. Voice search, natural language processing, marketing automation, and ethical data usage are additional areas where AI brings significant benefits to modern marketing practices.” says Tommy D. Michailidis of TDM Web Solutions

“AI is used for several aspects of marketing such as live chat automation, SEO audits, and content writing. You can use AI to respond to live chat requests, perform SEO audits, and create content for your marketing.” Says Jeff of Jeff Social Marketing


AI is not just a technological trend but a fundamental force shaping the future of marketing. The realm of possibilities stretches from enhanced personalization and real-time customer support to revolutionizing content creation and SEO strategies. The fusion of human creativity with the power of AI is poised to redefine how businesses connect with their audiences. The expertise shared by our guests provides a glimpse into the immense potential and the exciting journey that lies ahead in the AI-driven world of marketing.

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