SEO Agency Toronto

“NAV43 is a technical digital marketing agency focused on driving digital growth for clients through SEO and Paid Media.

We are a group of experienced marketers focused on delivering the best results for our clients and driven to continuously learn and grow in the digital space. We are technical and specialized with a performance marketing approach. We operate across industries in the digital space with a focus on ecommerce and lead generation campaigns. Our paid media experts are masters of their platforms and understand how important data is in today’s evolving digital eco-system. Anyone can create an add but mapping out campaigns with the right audiences, targeting, settings, creative and messaging drives success within complex machine learning algorithms. Our SEO team is developer friendly and experienced technical strategists. They are Google algorithm experts that are up-to-date on the latest ranking signals and know how to run a successful SEO program in today’s search environment. Specialists at keyword research and content optimization, they are the SEO support your marketing team needs to drive your organic traffic growth.

We work with brands looking to invest into digital growth and have years of success stories helping brands scale-up and meet their business goals.”