The top 5 P.R firms and strategies in 2023

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Some companies offer to prepare your business for media interviews using press releases, reputation management, crisis management, contact lists, and paid media. But who are the top public relations firms in 2023? We are going to answer these questions for you.

The Top 5 PR Marketing Strategies in 2023

  1. Press Releases: Press releases are still a relevant thing in 2023. Some people send out their press releases by email to a contact list or use a press release distribution service.
  2. Reputation Management: In 2023 reputation management is not just patching up a bad image rather it is also managing reviews to help with the process of earning a good reputation for the media.
  3. Crisis Management: On the other side of things, crisis management may very well mean your reputation is on the line and these services would take steps to clean up your business’s name.
  4. Contact List: Some firms offer contact lists in which they will find all the journalists and blogs that cover your news topic for your email list.
  5. Paid Media: Paid media is basically the same thing as paid marketing. With paid media, you can reach a larger audience.

The Top 5 PR Firms in 2023

  1. Diving Point: You wouldn’t climb a mountain without a map. Why treat your business any differently? Diving Point guides its clients through all manner of strategic marketing.
  2. Vive Social PR: Operating as an extension of your team, Vive is a full-service agency that puts your story at the center and supports it with creative strategy and industry-leading intelligence.
  3. Stuntman PR: Stuntman Public Relations is a full-service, New York-based public relations agency focused on servicing companies in the hospitality, consumer goods, food and beverage, entertainment, travel, and e-commerce industries, as well as viral marketing projects.
  4. Jeff Social Marketing: They help manage your online reputation and create good news about your brand. They offer free press releases in the Toronto area.
  5. EKC Public Relations: EKC PR’s innovative methods result in increased public awareness that impacts a client’s bottom line. Staff’s backgrounds include PR & marketing, brand management, social media, the arts, and journalism.

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